What is happening in Nigeria?

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For Christians living in the North and Middle Belt of Nigeria, persecution is rife and relentless, and life itself is precarious. Since 2015, extremist violence has killed at least 8,400 Christians. The exact death toll is unknown and the numbers may be much higher than this as many go unreported. One village head from the Middle Belt told Barnabas Fund in 2020, “We are tired and we do not want to bother others about our tragedies. We seem always to be reporting deaths and attacks, and people are weary of our reports.”

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Map with incident reports

States Incidents
Adamawa 1
Benue 1
Borno 10
Kaduna 31
Kano 1
Kogi 1
Niger 2
Plateau 17
Rivers 1
Yobe 1

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Incidents reported by Barnabas Fund

Jihadists seek out ...

One Christian killed ...

Two Nigerian Christian ...


Reported Incidents